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Objets d'Art is a family business owned and run by the French family since 1977. It is currently run by Angela French, daughter in law of the founders of Objets d'Art, Bill and Helen French. The family owned jewellers is set to continue with the employment of Ian French, the 3rd generation of the family to work at Objets d'Art.

Objets d'Art Employees

Angela French

Angela French

Angela French trained as a bench jeweller at Salisbury's in Guildford and Sir John Cass college London. She has worked in Objets d'Art since 1981 and is now the managing director. She is the daughter in law of Helen and Bill French, and the second generation of the family to manage the business.

Helen French

Helen French

Helen French founded the business in 1977 with her husband Bill. He has now fully retired and Helen still works part time at Objets d'Art. When she first opened the business, they only sold antiques and have progressed into jewellery in the ensuing years.

Ian French

Ian French

Ian French first started working at Objets d'Art in 2006 when he was just 13. He trained as a bench jeweller at Holts Academy of London and is the 3rd generation of the family to work at Objets d'Art.

Ian French

Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson joined Objets d'Art in May 2012. She originally trained as a diamond sorter with de Beers in London, and also lived and worked with them in Antwerp and Botswana. She spent many happy years sorting rough diamonds but loves seeing the finished article.


And not forgetting . . . Lily

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