We offer a comprehensive repair service both in house and through our jeweller who collects directly from us with a swift and efficient turn around covering all aspects of jewellery repair including replacing stones, sizing rings, restringing pearls and beads, soldering charms to bracelets, rhodium plating white gold items and many more including access to a laser soldering machine which can repair very delicate items or ones where heat would damage stones etc.

Any ring bought from us for £200 plus can be sized free of charge. Old jewellery can be restored, re-designed or re-modelled as we have access to skilled crafts people in all areas of jewellery making.

Silver and silver-plated items can be repaired, cutlery can be re-plated, engraving can be removed and objects returned to their original condition. Old silver frames can be repaired and re-covered and hand mirrors can have new glass.

We have an excellent china restorer who produces outstanding results and can repair almost anything. We can provide estimates from her if required.

Blue glass liners can be made for salt cellars and other items and we have skilled glass manufacturers and repairers for seemingly impossible jobs. Whether a new base is needed for a claret jug or a sympathetically cut mixing bowl for a Regency tea caddy we can obtain estimates and get the work done for you.


We offer a comprehensive engraving service including machine and hand engraving. From an initial on a napkin ring to a deep cut seal on a signet ring our Clerkenwell based engravers provide excellent results.

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2 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2LY
Tel: 01428 643982