Antique & Modern
At Objets d'Art you will find glasses from the 18th century up to the present day. Antique glasses include fine early wine glasses with air twist stems and heavy rummers. We always stock a selection of Cranberry glass and other coloured glass items such as the rich green stemmed glasses suitable for sherry, port or liqueurs. Jugs and vases in coloured and clear glass are always available and we have an extensive selection of antique and modern decanters both cut glass and engraved, ranging from Waterford crystal to the beautiful simplicity of the silver collared whisky and ship's decanters by Carrs of Sheffield.

We stock a selection of modern glasses in different styles and sizes and many older glasses such as champagne saucers and whisky tumblers at very reasonable prices. There is a constantly changing stock of these as they are always popular.

Items from our current stock - Click for larger picture.

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